About Surgery Costs

Your Kaiser Permanente health plan covers the majority of the costs of the bariatric surgery. You’ll need to budget for co-payments, program fees, and vitamins that are related to the surgery. Here are some estimated costs based on the typical number of appointments, services, and tests needed for bariatric surgery.

Type of costs Description of costs Out-of-pocket costs (estimate)
Program fee Support group sessions, fitness classes, meal replacements for 2 weeks, supplies and curriculum $500
Co-payments for provider visits Visits with doctors, dieticians, and behavioral counseling sessions $200-$300
Lab tests On average, you’ll have 4 sets of lab tests (2 before surgery and 2 after) $0-$350
Interisland travel for surgery Kaiser Permanente covers the travel for the member having surgery $0 for the member having surgery
Companion travel and hotel is not covered
Surgery and Inpatient hospitalization for a minimum of 2 days (post-surgery) Costs associated with inpatient surgery Varies with health plan, $150-$5,000 for your out-of-pocket costs. After attendance at the Bariatric Surgery orientation, you’ll be provided an estimate of your surgery and inpatient costs based on your health plan coverage at that time
Vitamins Bariatric-specific vitamins are not covered by health plans $30-$50/ month for life
Office Visits/Labs After the first year, you’ll need to follow up annually for life Price varies with health plan, usually provider visits copayments, labs, and medications